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May 142019

Cue “The Twilight Zone” theme. What happens if the federal government changes its mind about what documentation you need to provide to get a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license or identity card, but they change their mind AFTER you’ve already been issued a license or card that was given to you Transformers Titans Return Chaos on Velocitron (unboxed)

May 142019

Joseph Cox reports: Two Commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission say that the agency has not been forthcoming about its investigation into the sale of consumers’ real-time cell phone location data by AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. The commissioners told Motherboard that they don’t have insight into what’s actually being Transformers Cyberverse Ultimate Class OPTIMUS PRIME Action Figure

Hasbro transformational toy leader war tianyuan shenli v-class wire 3C May 142019

Twitter’s online Help section has the following notice, posted yesterday: You trust us to be careful with your data, and because of that, we want to be open with you when we make a mistake. We have discovered that we were inadvertently collecting and sharing iOS location data with one Barbie 2014 Birthday Wishes Doll - Very Slight Box Damage

May 132019
 May 13, 2019  Posted by Titans Return Highbrow new 1 Business

Ravie Lakshmanan reports: The Nest smart home ecosystem as we know it is dead. At its annual Google I/O developers conference last week, the search giant announced a broader restructuring of its smart home lineup that was long coming. Gone is the Google Home brand, as is the standalone Nest, Transformers Robots in Disguise Power Surge Optimus Prime and Aero Bolt Figure