Countering Propaganda: A Profile of Dr. Rao...

Dr. Kameswara Rao counters anti-GMO propaganda in India, discusses the movement’s motivations and talks about the agricultural challenges facing his nation.

Usings Nature’s Tools...

Bose Institute researcher Dr. Sampa Das is finding that Nature’s own defense mechanisms may hold the key to boosting productivity and reducing pesticide use in India’s important food crops.

Last Hawaii Anti-GMO Law Invalidated Jul01

Last Hawaii Anti-GMO Law Invalidated...

A federal judge has overturned the last anti-GMO law in Hawaii, firmly establishing state and federal preemption rights throughout the Islands.

Debating Ag Tech Jun28

Debating Ag Tech

Though myriad innovations promise to help agriculture, some farmers are slow to adopt new technologies. I moderated an on-line debate that brought together people from around the world to puzzle out why.

India Farmers Face Technology Gap...

Though their yields, and incomes, have risen in recent years, farmers in India question why they can’t access the same technology enjoyed by farmers in the West.

What Farmers Want Jun05

What Farmers Want

Despite rampant speculation, little is known in the West about what farmers in India and Bangladesh want, or the obstacles they face. So we went there to find out.