About Me

Joan ConrowEndangered species. Hawaiian burials. Geothermal development. Climate change. Farming. Military. Biotechnology. Travel. Spirituality. Education. Health. Energy. Land use. Food. Politics. Protests. Crime and punishment.

As an award-winning photojournalist with 35 years of experience, I’ve covered a wide spectrum of issues and events for newspapers, magazines, wire services and websites.

Like watching lava overrun a Hawaiian seaside village, and reporting stories that helped homeowners get insurance coverage for their losses.

Helicoptering onto Kahoolawe to plant seedlings in its bomb-battered soil, and reporting on the Navy’s return of the island to a sovereign Hawaiian nation.

Seeing the plastic-filled carcasses of albatross chicks at Midway atoll, and reporting on the great garbage patch in the Pacific.

Witnessing captive-raised Hawaiian forest birds take their first flights in the wild, and reporting on the myriad threats that imperil native species.

Interviewing farmers and scientists in India, and reporting on the global clash between biotechnology and anti-GMO activists.

Meeting hundreds of interesting people, and writing their compelling stories.

And I’m still hard at it, propelled by eclectic interests, a curious mind, a propensity for deep-thinking and a love for New Mexico, Hawaii and other still-wild places.

I hope you’ll check in regularly, to see where the written word and photographs can take us.